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Why I Gave Up Flipped Instruction

Why I Gave Up Flipped Instruction

Shelley Wright, a high school English and Science teacher, explains why she gave up her flipped classroom.

A couple of lessons ago I did a ‘half-flip’ in my biology lesson. The idea of putting myself on video just isn’t all that appealing but at the same time I see the point in putting the content out there as homework. Biology involves quite a lot of content (humankind has accumulated a lot of knowledge!), and if I think about how I work as a person I know that I can’t muster the energy for much of anything in the evenings when I come home from work. I can, however, happily (and passively) watch a little TV or maybe even a TED talk. If my students are like me, they are probably exhausted at the end of the school day too, so what use is homework at that point? I’d much rather have students active and engaged in working with the material, so why not try the ‘flipped classroom’ idea and have them go through content as homework? So I assigned a Khan Academy video as homework and even though it was the simplest thing in the world to do, I’ve NEVER had such an easy time going through dihybrid crosses. As a class they went straight to the tricky parts which made the time spent in class feel worthwhile. So the half-flip felt good, maybe it’s time for the full flip next time? Of course, that brings me the next point that caught my eye in Shelley’s article…”A lecture by video is still a lecture”.


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