Project period Internet Search Tips!

Now that we won’t have any access to our librarian over the project period here are some search tips from Ann’s blog (based on the book Net Smart by Howard Rheingold:)


  • Use “quotation marks” to ensure your keywords appear in your search results in the order you have specified
  • How do you find the owner or publisher of a website? Go to www.easywhois.com and enter the URL of the site you would like to research.
  • How do you find out who is linked to your school’s website? Go to Google: www.google.com and do a link: command search. In the search box type link:your school’s address.
  • What clues in a Web address might indicate you are on a personal website? Look for a tilde “~” or the “%” sign or a personal name “jdoe” or the word “user” after the domain name and the first forward slash “/“
  • How would you conduct a search for the following: a list of websites of all the academic institutions in South Africa? Go to Google: www.google.com and type site:ac.za in the search box
  • How do you find the history of any given website? Use the Wayback Machine. Go to www.archive.org and type the URL of the website you would like to research into the search box.
  • How would you conduct a search for the following: US higher education websites that contain the word Inuits . Go to Google: www.google.com and type “site:edu + Inuits” in the search box. Source: November Leaning, Web Literacy


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