Presentations verktyg



Turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video masterpieces to share with everyone. Very easy ot use!


PictureMake interactive posters online!



Sveriges största webbtjänst för inlärning av Glosor

Microsoft Power Point 2010

PictureA common programme from Microsoft which allows us to present audio, video and plain text. You will find it on your computer.
Type powerpoint in your searchbar. Martin Musgrove uses it!


PicturePicasa is an easy picture editing tool that helps you to enhance, crop, organise in albums and share your pictures. It´s a software from Google that works on Mac as well as PC. Download


PicturePics4Learning is a free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, web sites, videos, portfolios, or any other project in an educational setting.


PictureQuizlet is the largest flash cards and study games website with over 11 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject. It’s the best place to play educational games, memorize vocabulary and study online. Ann Wachtmeister uses Quizlet!

Windows Live Movie Maker

PictureWindows Live Movie Maker is essentially a simple, easy-to-use video editor that helps you put together photos, videos, music and special effects to create an eye-catching presentation in a few easy steps.

2 thoughts on “Presentations verktyg

  1. windows live movie maker seems to be a little bit ”old”. It does not accept videofiles from my new canon camera.

  2. I suggest everybody wanting to convert videofiles into MP4 files or files adapted to Ipad to download Handbrake, a free program for converting videosiles. I chose to download this program via CNET and it worked perfectly. i could convert a several GB big videofile into a 200-300 MB MP4 file.


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